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        Dual-station Film- covering and film-cutting machine


            适用于硅酸钙板、水泥纤维板、木塑装饰板、石塑装饰板、UV装饰大板等平面板材表面涂装后,覆贴?;つご佣锏奖;ぐ宀谋砻孀笆瓮坎愕墓δ?。设备传送方式采用滚筒式,不跑偏、更稳定,膜与板材的中心位置可通过直线导轨+滑块调节,覆膜更精准。覆膜和切膜之间通过PL .C智能控制,板间距可控制在1 -2CM之间。并且设置两道膜卷工位,-卷膜用完,可迅速切换到另外一卷,从而极大缩短了?;荒さ氖奔?。保证了生产线的效率。独特设计的拆换膜方式,便捷、安全。

            It is suitable for coating the surface of calcium silicate board, cement fiberboard,wood-plastic decorative board, stone -plastic decorative board, UV decorative board, etc, and then coating protective film to protect the surface decorative coating of the board. Theconveying mode of the equipment is drum type, which is not deviated and more stable. Thecentral position of the film and the plate can be adjusted by linear guide and slider, and thefilm coating is more precise. The spacing between the sheet and the cutting flm can be controlled between 1 -2CM by PLC intelligent control. And set up two film coil positions, oneroll of film used up, can quickly switch to another roll, thus greatly shortening the downtimeand changing film. The efficiency of the production line is guaranteed. Unique design ofmembrane removal mode, convenient and safe.


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